Monday, June 6, 2011 is presently running their 26th catalog/online automobilia auction that will end June 22nd.

We have 398 lots offered to the highest bidders.

Some of the highlights are two important original Peter Helck paintings of early American racing in the Northeast; both estimated at $25,000-$35,000.

You will also find an original aquarelle (watercolor) by the famous French artist Geo Ham depicting a 1950’s pit stop at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans which he sketched in the pits during the event. Make sure you follow the newest edition of this dramatic event this coming weekend. This past February during the Retromobile exhibit in Paris, two Geo Ham paintings were sold at auction for 145,000€ or $210,000 and 70,000€ or over $100,000, establishing a world record for this very talented and recognized artist and the investment value for great automotive artwork. This is your chance to own a rare automotive piece of history.

Along with many other vintage memorabilia, you will find a spectacular Ferrari 250 SWB model in 1/3 scale or 54” long that was built in Modena by a Ferrari Collector and his son Terzo & Stefano Dalia. One of the best replicas of this car showing it’s very detailed mechanical components. This is an edition of 50 that was created in 2006 and sold through the Ferrari dealerships around the world. It was purchased by such personalities as Luca di Montezemolo, and Piero Ferrari. We are proud to offer #00/50 of this sold-out edition.

You can also browse through the auction site to find a great collection of out of print books, many from the collection of well known Ferrari historian Ed Niles. A good selection of autographed items by the who’s who of the automotive industry and the motor racing world; Carl benz, J.M. Fangio, Enzo Ferrari, Ferry Porsche, Malcom Campbell, just to name a few.

So do not miss the deadline of June 22nd. Enjoy the viewing and the bidding and if you do not like the auction style, you can browse throughout the online store with 600+ pieces of automotive history and purchase them outright.