Thursday, December 26, 2013

Automobile Memorabilia Market is Hot

There is no greater cluster of collectors than the automobile memorabilia enthusiasts, with the exception of sports memorabilia collectors. These automobile memorabilia enthusiasts collect anything from signs, manuals to posters and paintings and the market is hotter than ever.

One of the most sought after items by collectors are vintage hood ornaments, and the value of these can be thousands of dollars. If you go to eBay’s Completed Sales list and do a search, you will find that a MG Tigress Car Mascot Hood Ornament sold for $3,275, an ORIGINAL Packard Adonis Daphne at the Well Hood Ornament Mascot sold for $2,655.  and there is a 1954 Chevrolet Eagle Design currently listed for $225 at l’art et l’automobile.

Some other vintage items to keep your eye out for are; Tin Signs from car and tire factories and car touring clubs, especially car touring clubs that are no longer in existence are esteemed, like the 1950’s Tin sign available at l’art et l’automobile  for the Deutscher Touring Automobile Club. Classic automobile badges, automotive pins, and racing medallions are also collected. Books, Literature, Programs, and Magazines also have a place on the collectable list. Antique Sculptures, Mascots and MotoMeters are all great collector items, and Automobile Photographs are collectible. This is only a partial list, and truthfully, it would take many blogs to cover them all.

Paper collectibles has been something that l’art et l’automobile has been selling for years. Some of the most collectible items are the owner’s manuals for special models. These can bring in some fancy money if they are for the right car, like the 1952 Ferrari owner's & maintenance manual +warranty booklet currently listed at a price of $5,750 listed at l’art et l’automobile. Dealer signs and advertisements, including magazine ads, also often catch the collectors fancy.

Jacques Vaucher, owner and operator of l’art et l’automobile has been an automobile memorabilia enthusiast since he was a teenager, and his love of the automobile has continues even today. His collection has continued to grow to one of the largest in the world.

View and browse l’art et l’automobile gallery here at:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Car Memorabilia - A Nice Surprise at a Reasonable Price

Everyone has a friend or family member on their list that is impossible to shop for. This person generally expresses no desire for a particular gift, or in some cases they have such a unique interest that you don’t even know where to begin.

At l’art et l’automobile, we are famous for our Big Boy Toys, like classic car posters, car models, vintage car paintings, prints and drawings. These vintage automobile items are available at a price almost anyone can afford.

Our Model cars that are life like miniatures of the classics that inspired them. Timeless vehicles like the 1903 Fiat Touring Car, 1950 BMW 500cc Twin model by John Lucas and the  Ferrari 640 F1 model by MG are just a few of the models to choose from.

Customers can browse our website,, and choose from all sorts of replica items, classic toys, retro watches, memorabilia and much more.

There is a complete line of nostalgic gifts including anything from an Andy Green montage, featuring his original autograph to a Marlboro Racing School helmet by Bieffe, signed by Rick Mears.

If there’s one gift you can’t go wrong with, Gift Certificate. Let them choose their own gift when you surprise them with a shopping spree at

Give the gift of knowledge with an informative and entertaining vintage automobile book that your loved one will actually want to read, like Jensen Service Bulletins, Vol. 1 book, edited by Richard Calver or The T-Series MG book edited by Richard L. Knudson, 1975, 2nd ed.
If you are shopping for an automobile memorabilia collector or a classic car enthusiast this holiday season, start by visiting our website ( for these and many more collectable items. You are likely to find a nice surprise at a reasonable price.

l’art et l’automobile’s online auction is now open for viewing, registering & bidding ending December 11th. We have 341 lots of auto memorabilia available, including; Books, Magazines, Programs, Factory publications, Lithographs, Prints, Photograph, serigraphs, Giclees, Blueprints (some autographed), Drawings, Paintings, Posters, Nameplate, Coachbuilder plates, Badges, Pin, St. Christopher medals, Enzo Ferrari autograph, Albums, Watches, Racing suit,  Mascots, Sculptures, Models & Toys. Visit our auction site at

Monday, October 21, 2013

Auto Enthusiast Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your Auto Enthusiast, then look no further! We have listed 10 of the Best Auto Memorabilia Holiday Gifts available.

Choose from vintage automotive posters from the 1890's to the present. Browse our huge collection of 24 hours of Le Mans and Monaco Grand Prix Posters and every other racing event, even posters from the amazing modern day poster artist Razzia, including his famous Louis Vuitton posters.

Looking for a Vintage Hood Ornament? Surprise your Auto Enthusiast by visiting where you will find a 1920’s Masonic Logo hood ornament, a Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club hood ornament and a 1954 Chevrolet hood ornament, all reasonably priced and ready to be wrapped up and put under the tree.

Whether you're shopping for the ultimate scratch built automobile model, or looking for a unique toy for a special grown-up child, at you can buy many hard to find car models like the 1982 Ferrari 126C2 hand-built model, 1/24th scale by Jeff Alderman, or a Packard by American National pressed steel toy car.

Check out some of the amazing automobile artwork from some of the best artists from around the world available at including Geo Ham, Carlo Demand, Ken Dallison, Peter Hearsey, and Alain Levesque, among others. From the rare and vintage to the modern, we can suit all your holiday needs in fine automotive paintings and drawings from many motor racing scenes, touring or automotive studio renderings.

Choose from multicolored modern wooden signs to an actual Royal Auto Club (RAC) large original fabric two-sided flag/banner or early 1970’s Michelin ZX original lithographed tin sign, at you'll find the most unique hard-to-find auto signs, banners or even a Bulova display sign/clock.

Trying to find a rare Monte Carlo participant's badge? Or maybe you're looking for the perfect St. Christopher medallion. At we have a huge selection of to suit every need, including a great selection of British Motorcycle clubs badges.

We have the hard to find, classic automotive literature you've been looking for. Whether it is an Indianapolis 500 official event program, a 1926 Locomobile Model 90 prestige catalog or a collection of Rolls-Royce Enthusiast's Club Publications, at you can find that unique piece of literature, race program, catalog or magazine for the ultimate automotive collector.

We have an amazing collection of automobile prints from a fantastic selection of artists at Alain Levesque, Ernest Montaut, Francois Bruere, Geo Ham, Alain Mirgalet, Nicholas Watts and LeRoy Neiman are just a few of our featured artists.

From a Tribute to Ayrton Senna sterling silver fountain pen set by Montegrappa to a Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar race car nose grill or Borrani aluminum front wire wheel for Ferrari 250 GTO Series II, at you can find that unique collectible gift for your special automotive enthusiast.

Getting ready for the Holidays? Don’t know what to get your Auto Enthusiast? Let them browse and choose from 1000’s of Vintage Auto Collectibles. What better way to say “Merry Christmas!” Gift Certificates make great stocking stuffers too and come in increments from $25 and up.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

Auto Memorabilia Enthusiast Jacques Vaucher

The history of cars and vintage car memorabilia has always captivated Jacques Vaucher, a Frenchman who began collecting vintage auto art in 1973. His Vintage Auto Collectibles now listed and sold at, include car posters, model cars, antique hood ornaments, badges, pins, medallions, books, auto programs, car magazines, sculptures, signs, banners, plaques, photographs, car posters, prints and paintings make up one of the largest collections of auto memorabilia in the world. l’art et l’automobile is where you will find Jacques’s featured artists like Razzia displayed in his vast gallery at In an age when most poster art is computer generated, Razzia is one of the world’s only modern day poster "artists". During the Golden Age of posters, before television and certainly computers, advertisers employed the best artists they could find to make interesting and unique renderings of the product they wished to sell or advertise in order to impact the market and stand out from their competitors with a strong image. In most cases the artist would produce a painting which when approved would be lithographed with the appropriate text. Razzia still conceives his posters from an original painting, a technique not common in this day and age. He began his incredible artwork in the 1980’s, and the legacy continues to this day. Razzia’s biggest client is Louis Vuitton that commissioned him for all the special events they sponsor around the world including the Louis Vuitton Cup sailing competition and numerous Concours d’Elegance of automobile. Other clients for which he has worked include Stetson Hats (their 2000-2001 advertising campaign), Lancia Automobiles, L’Oreal, International Prêt à Porter Feminin (France), Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Harrod’s, the Nice Jazz Festival, the City of Deauville, several brand name Champagnes and several restaurants in Paris and New York. Collectors around the world include Elton John, Jackie Collins, and Michael Caine. For more information on current posters available by Razzia visit You will also find classic automobile badges, automotive pins, and racing medallions in Jacques’s gallery and if you are trying to find a rare Monte Carlo participant's badge or the perfect St. Christopher medallion, l’art et l’automobile at has huge selection of radiator and grille badges, lapel pins and medallions to suit every need, including a great selection of British Motorcycle clubs badges. Jacques has searched high and low for those hard to find, classic auto racing trophies so you don't have to. l’art et l’automobile, located at,is where you will discover a unique selection of auto racing trophies from an 1908 Clement/Talbot Trophy Board, and trophies won by racers such as E.D. Martin and Richie Ginther . If you’re searching for that perfect one-of-a-kind gift for your Motorcycle or Bicycle Enthusiast, l’art et l’automobile located at www., you will find rare vintage bicycle head badge collections, a late 20's lithograph of The Motorcycle Racers by Geo Ham, dozens of rare vintage motorbike club badges, plus vintage racing posters, and even a Peter Fonda autographed Harold Cleworth, Easy Rider, Together Again original painting. Jacques Vaucher continues to add to his rare, vast and unique collection, searching the world over for the most hard-to-find auto memorabilia items to display and share at l’art et l’automobile located on

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why Collect Vintage Car Posters & Prints?

Niki Lauda What makes vintage car prints, paintings and other car artwork extraordinary? Any collector of these has his or her own reasons why he or she instigated their collection, and there are as many explanations for collecting as there are topics illustrated. There are, nevertheless, some overall characteristics of vintage car prints and artwork which make them particularly wonderful for collecting. First of all, vintage car prints cover a vast variety of themes, from make of the car to designer of the print, such as Louis Vuitton Classic’s by Razzia and Alain Levesque Paintings’, posters and prints. These prints come in a vast selection of artistic styles, sizes, and cost. There is, then, a type of vintage print that should charm and be available for almost anyone. Louis Vuitton Classic’s Prints by Razzia can be found at l’art et l’automobile and on EBay, and Alain Levesque Paintings’, posters and prints can be found at l’art et l’automobile for sale. However, the most distinctive characteristic of Vintage car prints is their character and content. Vintage car prints provide us with an unswerving link back in time. As most historical car prints depict subjects concurrent with their publication, they depict these topics not as contemporary historians portray them, but from the vantage point of modern onlookers. A glorifying image of the first Model T, a magnificent example of a Rolls Royce, a roaring depicted Ford Lotus, all express the attitudes and understanding of the printmakers and buyers of their day, giving us a privileged look at the automobile world through the eyes of the past. While providing modern viewers with a window to the past, antique car prints were also an integral part of their own time. Car Prints, with their numerous copies, usually had considerably more influence in their day than did concurrent drawings and paintings, all of which are exclusive pictures. Only a restricted number of spectators could see a particular painting or drawing, whereas most historical car prints were distributed broadly to the general public. Indeed, broad distribution was often the intent of these prints. Like books, they would have had noteworthy influence on their time. Some examples of this influence are clear –advertising a new car model or opening a new dealership, but all historical car prints were significant in the overall social, political, and intellectual fabric of their time.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where to find Vintage Car Posters and Banners

Collecting vintage automobile memorabilia, like car posters and banners are sometimes hard to find and confusing as to what is valuable and what is just plain junk.  Serious collectors concentrate in a particular genre of exclusive objects that they have come to appreciate and are well-informed about. There is such a wide variety of Vintage Automotive Memorabilia obtainable, that it is impossible to talk about all the collectible options. However, some vintage automotive memorabilia items shine above the rest as sought-after possessions and are more than worthy of spending time to learn about.
Vintage car posters are rare sought after collectables that are possibly very valuable. Automobile manufactures send auto dealerships banners and posters promoting new cars and sales events.  Even though the same car posters are sent to a lot of different dealerships, most car posters and banners are discarded after the automobile promotion event is over, leaving very few available today.
Procuring the precise car poster or automobile banner to complete a collection is tricky, but possible, if you know where to look. Collectors must consider a several different locations in able to find concealed gems of vintage car publication memorabilia. Most of the fun of Collecting is locating the missing publications in the collection and should seriously ponder the following recommendations when searching for collector car posters, banners, books and manuals.
Garage sales are an excellent place to search for hidden jewels, what one person considers trash is another man’s treasure. Usually the person selling items at an estate sale will not have an emotional attachment to an item like the original owner and will price items lower, giving the collector a better deal. Locating vintage car publications at estate sales and garage sales is usually as easy as just as easy as being present and looking.
Collectors searching for vintage car posters, banners, manuals and books will typically discover a large variety of these types of publications at swap meets. Vintage automotive fanatics frequently gather at swap meets to exchange automotive related materials. Generally, automotive swap meets are similar to flea markets where sellers set up display areas to allure buyers looking for exclusive or hard to find items, like collectible pieces of car memorabilia. While Car swap meets are automotive-specific, flea markets are not and you may have to search a little harder, however, you can generally still find a lot of unique car posters, books and publications there and you should not discount flea markets as a decent source for finding vintage car publications
Locating car collector posters, banners, books and manuals online is as easy as point and click. One of the best places to hunt for collectible automotive publications is eBay, another is l’art et l’automobile. With hundreds collectible pieces of automotive publications, l’art et l’automobile is a safe and secure site from which to make an online purchase. l’art et l’automobile has been decorating the automobile enthusiast's business, home, garage and museum since 1975 and collectibles are regularly added to the web-store on a weekly basis.
Collecting car memorabilia is a pleasurable hobby that thousands of individuals participate in. Vintage car posters, books and manuals are unique collectibles that are attractive to classic car buffs and automotive enthusiasts. Knowing just where to look to find vintage car posters, banners, books and manuals can help collectors improve their explorations. Online buyers and collectors can find a great selection of collector car posters, banners, books and manuals on eBay and l’art et l’automobile by following the links above. The only difficulty buyers will have in purchasing collector car posters, banners, books and manuals it deciding what will best improve their existing collections!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Razzia "30 Years of Poster Art" continues

Razzia "30 Years of Poster Art" continues and the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center. See Razzia's available posters at Razzia posters. Haven't visited the online store lately? We have added quite an array of one of a kind automobilia for every interest. As always, we are looking for quality consignments for upcoming auctions. Hope to see you at

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In case you missed it

An article published in the Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace magazine Vol.41 No.43 November15, 2012 is listed on there website under their Auction News page ( This is a story about the Bugatti Elephant and l’art et l’automobile (, which they ran at the start of our last auction.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. We are working hard at sending out our last auction while also preparing for the next one. A unique item in our upcoming auction is a restored Ferrari 330P go-cart built by F. Mortarini in 1965 with a high performance JLO engine capable of 50-60 mph. We are still accepting quality consignments for this auction so contact us if you would like to have any item (’s) included.