Thursday, December 26, 2013

Automobile Memorabilia Market is Hot

There is no greater cluster of collectors than the automobile memorabilia enthusiasts, with the exception of sports memorabilia collectors. These automobile memorabilia enthusiasts collect anything from signs, manuals to posters and paintings and the market is hotter than ever.

One of the most sought after items by collectors are vintage hood ornaments, and the value of these can be thousands of dollars. If you go to eBay’s Completed Sales list and do a search, you will find that a MG Tigress Car Mascot Hood Ornament sold for $3,275, an ORIGINAL Packard Adonis Daphne at the Well Hood Ornament Mascot sold for $2,655.  and there is a 1954 Chevrolet Eagle Design currently listed for $225 at l’art et l’automobile.

Some other vintage items to keep your eye out for are; Tin Signs from car and tire factories and car touring clubs, especially car touring clubs that are no longer in existence are esteemed, like the 1950’s Tin sign available at l’art et l’automobile  for the Deutscher Touring Automobile Club. Classic automobile badges, automotive pins, and racing medallions are also collected. Books, Literature, Programs, and Magazines also have a place on the collectable list. Antique Sculptures, Mascots and MotoMeters are all great collector items, and Automobile Photographs are collectible. This is only a partial list, and truthfully, it would take many blogs to cover them all.

Paper collectibles has been something that l’art et l’automobile has been selling for years. Some of the most collectible items are the owner’s manuals for special models. These can bring in some fancy money if they are for the right car, like the 1952 Ferrari owner's & maintenance manual +warranty booklet currently listed at a price of $5,750 listed at l’art et l’automobile. Dealer signs and advertisements, including magazine ads, also often catch the collectors fancy.

Jacques Vaucher, owner and operator of l’art et l’automobile has been an automobile memorabilia enthusiast since he was a teenager, and his love of the automobile has continues even today. His collection has continued to grow to one of the largest in the world.

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